Proms Aren't Just for Teenagers

June 14, 2019

Proms aren’t just for teenagers!  When the Carolina SeniorCare team learned that a vast majority of their participants had never been to a prom, they took matters into their own hands.  A date was set and preparation for the festivities began.

“The prom created so much excitement for the participants,” shared Sibert Lewis, Activities Director at Carolina SeniorCare.  “People love to dress up, have a good time, and feel special.”

It was an exceptional day.  Participants filed in the cheerfully decorated room in their Sunday best with music booming from all eras.  Each one entering the prom received a boutonniere or corsage to go with their lovely attire. 

“We are family here,” shared one Carolina SeniorCare participant whose task was placing corsages on the ladies. “We wanted everyone to feel beautiful today.” Each beautiful corsage and boutonniere was handmade by a crafty participant at Carolina SeniorCare.

Smiles were captured throughout the day while enjoying the music, dancing, chatting and fun.  Just when the excitement was peaking, the prom Queen and King were announced. The beautiful Rosalyn Arnett and handsome Willie Simon accepted their crowns and flashed smiles for the cameras.

The Carolina SeniorCare prom was one to be remembered and will remain in the hearts of each participant.