United Church Homes and Services (UCHS) is recognized as an industry leader among not-for-profit senior living communities with 11 locations serving over 2000 older adults in North Carolina and Virginia. Incorporated in 1961, UCHS has a rich tradition of commitment to seniors and offers choices in lifestyle options allowing residents to focus on what’s truly important and matters most to them.

Our Mission: A Christian ministry providing vibrant living, diverse programs of outreach and compassionate services. UCHS is a collective collaboration of unspoken dedication to the mission of caring for others and adding life to years of those we serve.  

Our Vision: Enriching lives by providing the right services, at the right time, in the right setting.

Our Values:

COMPASSION....... we treat all individuals with understanding, care and respect.

INNOVATION........ we are continually changing in order to meet new needs.

INTEGRITY...... we are honest, accountable and transparent in our services, communications, and the fulfillment of our mission.

PEOPLE......we are committed to hiring and investing in dedicated, passionate people.

QUALITY......we strive to provide excellent service surpassing ordinary standards and expectations.

VALUE......we aim to be the provider of choice making services accessible to as many as possible.


Annual Report

United Church Homes and Services (UCHS): Letting Our Light Shine

When you serve others, you often discover that the most important things you have to offer are not things. You uncover the full range of resources at your disposal - your time, presence, attention, and talents.  Serving others is a state of mind and heart.  Once this is recognized, we are inspired by new ways to shine our light on others.  The more we give the more illumination we receive.

United Church Homes and Services continues to shine their light on others.  The flame is carried out through mission, our team members, and those we serve.  For 47 years, United Church Homes and Services has engaged in opportunities that impact lives and offered service to others both within our walls and throughout the larger community.    Share the light!

“Ours is the responsibility to keep our lights bright for others to see and follow.” – Thomas S. Monson

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COVID-19 Update from our CEO, Lee Syria


April 7, 2020 - We continue to do all we can to minimize the risk of the coronavirus (COVID-19). At this time we do not have any confirmed or presumed cases of COVID-19 at any UCHS location. We are following the guidance of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance, and state regulatory guidelines. Caring for your loved one and protecting all whom we serve and our team members is of utmost importance.

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Kaleidoscope Newsletter - Telling the UCHS Story


April 1, 2020 - Enjoy reading about UCHS team members and those we serve as we touch lives everyday!

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UCHS COVID-19 Update


March 31, 2020 - The safety and health of our residents and staff is paramount during this COVID-19 outbreak

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