Your support will continue to improve the quality of life for our residents'.

United Church Homes and Services (UCHS) Foundation provides benevolent support for those in need and funding for programs that enrich the lives of the UCHS family.

  • Benevolence - Supporting for those who, through no fault of their own, have outlived their resources

  • Spiritual Life - Enhancing the services offered by our chaplains

  • Campus Enrichment - Renovating or adding to our communities, improving technology, providing art and music therapy classes, and much more
  • Grant a Dream (TM) - "Going the extra mile" to provide residents with longed-for experiences

  • UCC Family - Giving benevolent support for long-term employees of the United Church of Christ and its sister ministries

  • Employee Assistance - Providing for UCHS employees during unexpected emergencies

  • Employee Education - Granting funds for staff members seeking further education

  • Innovation - which provides financial support for new ideas, devices or methods. Funds will be used to support the not-for-profit mission of UCHS and position the organization as a leader and innovator around the most challenging issues facing seniors today and into the future.

  • Family Named Endowments- available for a gift of $100,000 or more. Paperwork is required before death.



UCHS Foundation established.

United Church of Christ (UCC) Family Fund created to provide for individuals closely associated with the UCC or its sister ministries.

First UCHS Foundation Golf Tournament held.

The Julius Society founded to honor legacy donors. 67 people were listed who had given a legacy gift from the founding of the organization through 2005.

UCHS Foundation led a capital campaign to build a new Community Center at Abernethy Laurels. Over $1 million was raised.

Julius Society topped 100 members.

UCHS Foundation spearheaded a capital campaign at Piedmont Crossing and raised $332,000 for a Healthcare project.

Laurels Boutique, a resale shop for gently used clothes and accessories, opened. All proceeds from the store benefit the Abernethy Laurels Capital Fund. To date, the shop has raised over $10,000.

Annual “All Hands on Deck” Employee Campaign began, raising $15,579 from 148 staff members at all UCHS locations.

Julius Society reached 194 members.

UCHS Foundation Golf Tournament celebrated its 10th consecutive year with a net result of $25,000 raised.

UCHS Foundation began the Defining Our Future, Honoring Our Heritage capital campaign to build a new Healthcare Center at Abernethy Laurels with a goal of $3.6 million.

Julius Society increased to 243 members. $3.4 million toward the Defining Our Future capital campaign goal was raised by Sept. 30.


$1,567,335 in donations with (16) new Julius Society Members and $968,285 in Legacy gifts received. The 13th Annual Golf Tournament and silent auction grossed $40,803.


$875,309 in donations with (9) new Julius Society Members and $345,086 in legacy gifts. The 14th Annual Golf Tournament grossed $28,036. The Foundation hosted the 1st Annual Davidson County Luncheon, honoring Mr. Jack Frank, with donations totaling $45,080. 

In August we celebrated the grand opening of Phase 1 (North Manor) of our Healthcare Center project at Abernethy Laurels.


$905,011 in donations with (9) new Julius Society Members and $324,241 in legacy gifts. We remembered sisters Avis & Marilyn Shumaker, from Lake Prince Woods--at this year's Julius Society dinner in September--for their surprise legacy gift of $1.6 million dollars. The 50X50 campaign was revealed at all three Julius Society Dinners. The campaign was created to gain fifty new Julius Society Members by our 50th anniversary in 2021. 

This year's 15th Annual Golf Tournament was the most successful yet with a gross of almost $41,000.

The 2nd Annual Davidson County Luncheon was held at Lexington Golf Club, honoring Mr. Dwight Hedrick, and grossed $45,805. 


Fiscal Year Totals of  $2,216,264.26, (10) employees helped through the Employee Assistance Fund, (5) Employees furthered their education through the Education Fund, (9) Dreams were granted through the Grant a Dream Fund, (7) residents received financial support through the Benevolence Fund for a total of $285,204 and Each campus received improvements totaling $76,965.98 through the Campus Enrichment Fund.

South Manor- Phase II healthcare center opened to residents on January 24th.

The 3rd Annual Davidson County Luncheon was held at Commons on the Green in Lexington on April 12th and grossed $43,136.

The 16th Annual UCHS Foundation Golf tournament was held at Catawba Country Club and raised almost $33,000.

This year's employee campaign raised over $30,000 from 169 employees!

The 50x50 campaign was in full swing and (23) new Julius Society members were added. The campaign was started to add 50 new members by our 50th anniversary in 2021. 

This year's Holiday campaign and giving cards raised almost $29,000--with 395 holiday cards sent. 


Great things are happening at KidsOnly in Thomasville, NC due to a very generous donation of over $48,000 from Jack Frank--in memory of his granddaughter Lauren--and a few other generous donors. These gifts are providing a brand new state of the art playground that will be in place by April 2020. 

Legacy Giving

There are as many different ways to support UCHS Foundation as there are needs for your support. Planning a gift is more than just finding a need. 

Click the button below to explore a section that offers a variety of methods that will enable you to be a partner in our mission to carry on Christian ministry in the Southern Conference of the United Church of Christ. The donations that come from these ideas can add life to the years of those we serve by providing senior living and health related communities, benevolence assistance and service programs of outreach into the wider community.

Legacy Giving provides the resources necessary to sustain excellence and preserve the future of UCHS Foundation.

Learn more about legacy giving

Julius Society

The Julius Society is named in honor of Julius W. Abernethy and his wife, Maye Morrison Abernethy, whose initial gift planted the seed that grew to become United Church Homes and Services (UCHS). The Julius Society honors friends like Julius and Maye who are committed to sustaining our work into the future by leaving a legacy gift. These generous donors are recognized at a special event each year at three locations, on our donor walls, and in the UCHS Annual Report.

View Julius Society Members

Julius Society 50 x 50

An elite Julius society campaign, called “50 x 50,”  was unveiled at this year's Julius Society dinners. The campaign creates a strategic focus on legacy giving with a goal to grow the Julius Society by adding 50 new members by our 50th anniversary in 2021. Each new member will be listed in the Julius Society 50 x 50 group and receive a special 50 x 50 lapel pin. 

If you would like additional information on this elite group of Julius Society Members--please contact Nancy Beard at 828-465-8008 or by email [email protected]

Check out the 50 x 50 logo!

Julius Society Dinner Event Photos

Philanthropy Luncheon

The UCHS Foundation held it's 3rd Annual Philanthropy Luncheon at Lexington Golf Club on Friday April 12th, showcasing the mission and history of the organization.  Mr. C. Boyce Sink was honored posthumously for his dedication to UCHS, where he played a vital role in the expansion of UCHS into Davidson County. 

(166) guests participated in the event with more than $43,000 raised for UCHS Foundation.  United Church Homes and Services (UCHS) Foundation provides benevolent support for those in need and funding for programs that enrich the lives of the UCHS family.

Linda Shields, a tenant at Carolina Senior Living, shared how UCHS has helped her to achieve what some might see as impossible. In spite of her many obstacles and recent bout with cancer, Linda continues to reach for the stars and pursue her advanced degree. 

Here from those we serve within Davidson County!

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Foundation Events:


4th Annual Philanthropy Luncheon

We are excited to pack up and move this event to Catawba County for the next three years. We have had three very rewarding and successful years in Davidson County and are excited to see what Catawba County has in store-- with a great group of new table host.

This year's event will be held at Rock Barn Country Club in Conover, on February 27, 2020, from 11:30-1:00. Our guest of honor is Rev. Dr. Don and Mrs. Joanne Flick--for their year's of service and dedication to UCHS.

If you are interested in attending this donation lunch or if you'd like to sponsor the event, please contact Stephanie Fortner at [email protected] or 828-465-8013.

1st Annual 5k at Piedmont Crossing 2019

Join us as we plan to "Run for the Gold," in our 1st annual race at Piedmont Crossing.  We are excited to be partnering with Thomasville Parks and Recreation and RunTime Races.

**If you'd like information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Nancy Beard at [email protected]**

4th Annual 5k and Mutt Strut

May 16, 2020 at  9 AM- at Abernethy Laurels in Newton, NC

**If you'd like information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Greg Rossidivito at [email protected]**

17th Annual UCHS Foundation Golf Tournament​

June 1, 2020 at Catawba Country Club, Newton, NC

16th Annual UCHS Golf Sponsors

16th Annual Golf Tournament


A special thanks to our presenting sponsor Sodexo!


Congratulations to this year's winners!



1st Place- Southern Pharmacy Services

2nd Place - Sigmon's Painting



1st Place - BB&T 

2nd Place - Catawba Valley Medical Center


Closest to the Pin

#3- Mark Bolick

#7- Brian Bentley

#13- Devon Morrison

#17- Landon Clark


Longest Drive Hole #10

Men- Jordan Harrison

Ladies- Alice Layne


Putting Contest

Jason Moore



2019 Golf Tournament Sponsorship Registration

Event Photos

UCHS Spring Newsletter

Click the link below to view our current Philanthropy Newsletter.

Annual Report Fiscal Year 2018

United Church Homes and Services-Letting Our Light Shine

United Church Homes and Services (UCHS) is proud to be on the forefront when it comes to providing lifestyle opportunities for older adults. Incorporated in 1961, UCHS has a rich tradition of commitment to enriching the lives of those we serve. We are a not-for-profit, church-affiliated provider of senior living opportunities, programs of outreach and benevolence assistance. Our staff is guided by principles of appreciation and respect for each individual. UCHS operates 11 locations across North Carolina and Virginia. 

The UCHS Annual Report is a collection of stories from shining stars within our communities. Take a journey through their eyes and explore how UCHS has touched their hearts and lives.

Download The Annual Report

Foundation President, Nancy Beard

  • As a child her journey began with a small UNICEF donation box. She's spent the majority of her life outpouring her love of philanthropy, always giving of her time and heart to better the lives of others.

Foundation Office Manager, Stephanie Fortner

  • At the age of five she learned the joy that philanthropy brings, as she shared her gift of song,  on a chair at the nursing home. She continues to share today with her contagious smile and overwhelming desire to give, rather than receive.

President and CEO

Lee Syria

(828) 465-8012

Chief Financial Officer

Gary Shull

(828) 465-8006

Chief Operating Officer

Aimee Reimann

(828) 465-8017

Chief Quality and Compliance Officer

Steve Paterson

(828) 465-8022

Chief Marketing and Public Relations Officer

Joy Cline

(828) 465-8014

Chief Human Resources Officer

Cathy Cooper

(828) 465-8535

President, UCHS Foundation

Nancy Beard

(828) 465-8008

Foundation Board of Trustees

The UCHS Foundation's success is in large part a credit to our Board of Trustees. The board is filled with people that possess outstanding qualifications and strong dedication to improving the lives of our residents and employees.


2019-2020 UCHS Foundation Board Executive Committee

  • Rev. Brad Thie – Chair
  • Rev. Larry Bolick – Vice Chair
  • Mrs. Kathy Hedrick – Secretary
  • Dr. Leroy Howell – Treasurer
  • Mrs. Jacquelin Edwards– Additional Member
  • Ms. Lee Syria – UCHS President & CEO, Additional Member

2019- 2020 Board Of Trustees Members

  • Rev. Lawrence Bolick, Salisbury, NC
  • Mr. Joe Beaman, Newton, NC
  • Mrs. Melva Cooper, Newton, NC
  • Mrs. Jacquelin Edwards, Suffolk, VA
  • Mrs. Edith Grimes, Conover, NC
  • Mrs. Kathy Hedrick, Lexington, NC
  • Dr. R. Leroy Howell, Suffolk, VA
  • Mr. Parker Howell, Suffolk, VA
  • Rev. Jerry Rhyne, Concord, NC
  • Mr. Henry Simpson, Suffolk, VA
  • Rev. Brad Thie, Durham, NC


  • Rev. Dr. Edward Davis, UCC Southern Conference Minister, Burlington, NC
  • Ms. Lee Syria, UCHS President and CEO, Newton, NC
  • Mrs. Nancy Beard, UCHS Foundation President/Assistant Secretary, Board of Trustees, Newton, NC
  • Mr. Gary Shull, CFO, UCHS; Assistant Treasurer, Board of Trustees

​​Staff Liaisons

  • Mr. Gary Shull, CFO, UCHS; Assistant Treasurer, Board of Trustees
  • Ms. Stephanie Fortner, UCHS Foundation Office Manager