UCHS Announces Certification Completion

January 29, 2016

United Church Homes and Services (UCHS) announced that five staff members, covering three UCHS communities, have successfully completed the Resident Assessment Coordinator Certified program, thus earning the RAC-CT designation.

Teda Barrows (Lake Prince Woods, Suffolk, VA), Jane Davis (Abernethy Laurels, Newton, NC), Rachel Herion (Piedmont Crossing, Thomasville, NC), Susan Marcussen (Lake Prince Woods, Suffolk, VA) and Susan Young (UCHS, Newton, NC) received Resident Assessment Coordinator training and instruction.  Each successfully completed the certification program, a nationally recognized gold-standard in resident assessment in long-term care nursing professions.  By earning this designation individuals have proven their expertise in skilled nursing prospective payment systems and minimum data set assessments.

“The regulatory environment in long-term care is constantly changing and to remain effective our staff need to be knowledgeable and ahead of the curve,” shared Aimee Reimann, Chief Operating Officer for United Church Homes and Services. “We are proud these nurses chose to set the standards of professionalism in our communities.”

United Church Homes & Services, a not-for-profit corporation located in Newton, NC, operates three continuing care retirement communities, a PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly), and seven affordable senior housing communities across North Carolina and Virginia.  For additional information, contact Joy Cline at 465-8014 or visit our website at www.uchas.org.