Save HUD202 Rally

July 6, 2017

United Church Homes and Service (UCHS)  joined efforts with LeadingAge to support Save HUD 202 by hosting rallies and call banks in three of their communities across the state:  Covenant Place (Chapel Hill), Matthew’s Place (Albemarle) and Emmanuel’s Place (Statesville).  LeadingAge, an association representing nonprofit aging services providers, launched a campaign targeting the Department of Housing and Urban Development Section 202 Housing for the Elderly program (HUD 202). UCHS is pleased to support this campaign in our local communities. 

Save HUD 202  focused on:

Preventing cuts to HUD 202.

Maintaining 100% funding for people served by affordable housing today.

Expanding funding to create new affordable housing for older adults.

A large and rapidly expanding population of low-income older adults faces the dual challenges of finding affordable, safe housing that can accommodate changing needs as they grow older. HUD 202 provides funding for housing with services so this population can age in place longer and with more positive health results.

“Unfortunately, the realities of federal funding constraints and budget caps mean that preserving existing affordable housing is under threat and that expanding housing assistance to more older adults seems very difficult,” shared Lee Syria, President/CEO UCHS. “Today, millions of older adults eligible for affordable housing do not have access to it because the programs are at capacity.”

The campaign is a comprehensive, multi-month effort to convince lawmakers to fully fund the 202 program. Due to proposed spending cuts, funding for the program is at risk. Any cuts would reduce the availability of affordable housing for vulnerable, older adults.

On June 27th, LeadingAge, its state partners, and members  held a rally on Capitol Hill to amplify the campaign’s messages. “United Church Homes and Services could not attend the rally in person, but held their own rally on June 27th in support of the campaign,” shared Syria. “We want to be very loud and very clear that cuts to the HUD 202 program will have a devastating effect on many older adults who rely on affordable housing options. As the number of older adults increases rapidly, more -- not less -- funding is needed.”

United Church Homes & Services, a not-for-profit corporation located in Newton, NC, operates three continuing care retirement communities, a PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly), and seven HUD 202 affordable senior housing communities across North Carolina and Virginia.  For additional information, contact Joy Cline at 465-8014 or visit our website at