The People We Serve - Mickey Glickman

January 21, 2020

Mickey Glickman, a resident at UCHS's senior living community Abernethy Laurels, craves real adventure. At the top of her adventure list is ziplining.

Glickman, 82, has always considered herself daring. In late summer, the retirement community where she lives had a trip planned to the coast, but when a hurricane was expected to make landfall, the trip was canceled. Glickman was disappointed. She wanted to be on the beach when the hurricane arrived to feel the strong winds and jump in the choppy ocean water. And when Glickman and her friends went on a cruise a few months back, she could not wait to go down the spiraling slide that started on the 14th deck of the cruise ship.

In October, Glickman mentioned to a staff member at Abernethy Laurels that she really wanted to go ziplining. And they made it happen.  More of her story here.