Dreams Come Alive with the Sound of Music

May 22, 2015

He tucked the violin under this chin, crossed it with the bow in his right hand, and the shrieks that followed brought a room full of onlookers to tears. Mac Wellborn, a resident atAbernethy Laurels, was playing a musical instrument that he had not played in years. Although the sounds that came out were not perfect, these spectators thought it was absolutely beautiful.

Mr. Wellborn played the violin as a young man and can still recall his grandmother urging him to practice often. "She would tell me to get to my room and practice, practice, practice," laughed Welborn. A member of the United States Army, Wellborn put his violin playing on hold for years while he served our country. He picked the hobby back up later in life for a short time. Before he moved to Abernethy Laurels several years ago, his family thought he lost interest in playing violin and in an attempt to downsize, they sold it.

For the past several months, Wellborn has asked the staff at Abernethy Laurels on numerous occasions if he could have a violin. He missed playing. He dreamed of hearing the sounds of a violin again. The staff knew that being able to play a violin again was important to him, so activity assistant Cindy Sigmon submitted an application to the "Grant a Dream" program. The goal of "Grant a Dream" is to renew and celebrate a passion while creating joy within the hearts of seniors. The core of the program is to grant basic dreams for residents within United Church Homes and Services communities, Abernethy Laurels being one of them.

Once the application was approved, the "Dream Team" jumped into action and everything fell in place. A violin was donated by a staff member at Abernethy Laurels and an arrangement was made for an introductory lesson. A date was then set to surprise Welborn with the gift. As Wellborn entered the room, numerous staff members awaited him with balloons and smiles. Wellborn was then presented the violin. Tears of joy streamed down his face. In a state of shock, he was speechless about what he had just received. He could not believe he had a violin again. 92-year-old Wellborn said he plans to practice with the hopes of performing for those that made his dream come true.