CHHSM Recognizes Strength in Affordable Housing

August 9, 2017

The shortage of affordable housing is no surprise to the 11-plus million American households classified as extremely low income.  Finding a place to live, that is affordable for these Americans, is extremely difficult.

As a member of CHHSM (Council for Health and Human Service Ministries), United Church Homes and Services shares their mission - creating a just, caring and compassionate world.  Recently CHHSM targeted affordable housing and rallied its members to tally their programs in support of combating the affordable housing crisis in America.

Eleven organizations within CHHSM provide 20,287 affordable housing accommodations across the US (report attached).  United Church Homes and Services provides 252 homes to seniors seeking affordable housing in North Carolina. Affordable housing continues to be at the forefront of these ministries.

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