The United Church Homes and Services leadership team focuses on the ministry mission to provide vibrant senior living opportunities, diverse programs of outreach and compassionate healthcare services.

United Church Homes and Services Senior Management Staff takes pride in serving the mission of the organization and shares a commitment to ethical leadership.

Leadership Team

President and CEO

Lee Syria

(828) 465-8012

Chief Financial Officer

John White

(828) 465-8006

Chief Operating Officer

Aimee Reimann

(828) 465-8017

Chief Quality and Compliance Officer

Michelle Roseman

(828) 465-8022

Chief Human Resources Officer

Cathy Cooper

(828) 465-8535

President, UCHS Foundation

Nancy Beard

(828) 465-8008

2020 - 2021 Board of Directors

The success and progress of United Church Homes and Services is only possible through the dedication, hard work and commitment of our Board of Directors. Each board member is dedicated to serving our residents by fulfilling our mission.


  • Parker D. Howell, III, Chairperson
  • Brad Thie, Vice Chairperson
  • Brenda C. Eckard, Secretary
  • Walter Hoffman, Finance Committee Chairperson
  • Kathy Wood, Member-At-Large
  • Linda J. Morris, Past Board Chairperson

Board Members

  • Brad Thie, Durham, NC
  • Eddie Beard, Hickory, NC
  • Walter Hoffman, Lexington, NC
  • Kathy H. Wood, Hickory, NC
  • Brenda C. Eckard, Claremont, NC
  • Parker D. Howell, III, Suffolk, VA
  • Randall L. Orwig, Elon, NC
  • James W. Buchanan, Sr., Thomasville, NC
  • Gene Hamilton, Conover, NC
  • Kelsey McCleave, Raleigh NC
  • Anthony J. Branch, Charlotte, NC
  • Hunter March, Suffolk, VA
  • Larry Bolick, Salisbury, NC
  • Jeffrey S. Gilliam, Claremont, NC
  • Cory Tobin, Thomasville, NC

Advisory Council Members

  • Abernethy Laurels - Julius W. Abernethy, IV
  • Piedmont Crossing - Cory Tobin
  • Lake Prince Woods - Margie Wiley

Ex-Officio Members

  • Linda Morris, Past Board Chairperson
  • Edward Davis, Southern Conference Minister